Having always been interested in photography, art, and graphic design, I’ve found the perfect outlet in web design. Together with my partner in crime, Clemens Oertel, we’ve co-founded a online web publishing company. To learn more or take a look at our portfolio please visit: Noname Designs.


Wikis: I have become so enthusiastic about wikis as of late. Until recently, I was still using Dreamweaver and tables and updating was a real pain. Good thing that someome showed me the way to CSSs and wikis -- they make keeping a site up to date so much easier. This site as well as a few we’ve done for Noname customers use PmWiki, which I highly recommend.

CMS: Content Management Systems are something I also became completey enthusiastic about, when we were developing a webpage for a Noname Customer. They allow you to easily display the same information in different contexts. They’re organization of information types is also really convenient and so useful. We’ve used Drupal for some of our sites including the Noname Designs site, very recommendable!

Images: Dreamstime.com is a great source for graphics and photographs. They offer a huge collection of photographs by numerous photographers, at only $1 US for members. This is a great source for web/graphic designers.